MOONFLOWER IGGY POP ET MARY POPPINS DREAM OF IDYLLE PRESENTENT ROSIE PETITE CHATONNE LILAC DISPONIBLE FIN JUIN/DEBUT … Retraités. Chaton British Shorthair à vendre. More. Livret d'accueil. 5 superbes chatons British Shorthair et Longhair sont nés le 18 novembre 2020 Le British est une race de chats doux, câlins, joueurs et proches de son maître. reproductrices. Selection. We have been breeding British Shorthair and Scottish Fold in Montreal since 2004 and specialize in finding loving homes for our kittens across Canada and the USA. They tend to be more independent than many breeds and usually adapt well to most situations. Why buy a British Shorthair kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Chatterie familiale, élevage de chats British longhair et shorthair. The Britik Deluxe Cattery is the place where you will fall in love with our high quality British Shorthair and Scottish Fold kittens. Mazerolles-du-razès 11240 Chatons british shorthair et longhair loof. Ils vivent avec nous et partagent notre quotidien. Look at pictures of British Shorthair kittens who need a home. GALERIE PHOTOS. Femelles. British Shorthair can make great apartment cats, being alert and playful without being hyper or destructive. Le British Shorthair. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Chatons. A cat that resembles a teddy bear—this sums up the physical characteristic of a British Shorthair. In actual fact, though, British Shorthairs exist in a range of amazing colours and patterns. British Shorthair . News. CONTACT. Par contre, je ne suis pas devin, les chatons sont vendus avant tout pour compagnie, et ils peuvent très bien devenir des chats d'exposition et faire de beaux résultats, ou bien devenir de bons reproducteurs, mais lorsqu'ils quittent la maison à 3 mois, c'est impossible de promettre ces futures capacités. NAISSANCES. Look at pictures of British Shorthair kittens who need a home. Les chatons de Britishs'garden sont les bébés de Yurricane IMZADI, british shorthair black silver tabby aux yeux oranges. reproducteurs. Les parents sont testés FIV/FELV/PKD négatif. British Shorthairs tend to show their loyalty to the entire family rather than select one person with whom to bond. Weighing approximately six to 12 pounds or more, the size of a British Shorthair for sale ranges from medium to large, thus catching a lot of people’s attention. When many people picture a British Shorthair, the image that springs to mind is the classic British Blue: a handsome kitty with solid blue-grey fur and amber eyes. Bienvenue dans notre élevage familial du chat de la race British shorthair et British longhair en région Ile de france, Essonnes (91), proche … L'arrivée de votre chaton à la maison NOS CHATONS DISPONIBLES. Contact. A Lire. Juniors. TRUECOLORS Home. British Shorthair silver and golden shaded cats are absolutely stunning cats which impress with their beauty, elegance, luxurious look and exceptional manners. BLACK SILVER TABBY. Anything Look…Weird? L.O.O.F. More Mes chatons sont pesés,manipulés (technique du Handling) et caressés tous les jours, de la naissance a leur départ vers 14/15 semaines. Males. Meow! chatons. In 2018 we acquired our first male breeder of Golden Chinchilla color and became pioneers in the country in breeding the most beautiful and simply the best cats - chinchillas. Many of these have been formally recognised by the various cat registries.